5 Effective Ways To Advertise Your Business Off The Clock

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When you own a business, it’s hard to officially “clock out.” Most entrepreneurs are adamant
about growing their company anywhere at anytime. This can lead to potential burnout; and more
than likely, an angry spouse who doesn’t appreciate you working while you’re on vacation.
However, there are easy and efficient ways that you can get your company name out there
without having to lift a finger. This type of passive behavior is a profitable way to advertise off
the clock, helping to grow your business one step at a time. Keep in mind that each of these steps
will require some initial planning and work. But once it’s put together, it can work 24/7 to bring
in new customers for your entrepreneurial ambitions.
Here are five creative ways that you can advertise your business off the clock.

1. Guerilla Marketing

In todays day and age, many people feel that guerrilla marketing is a concept as old as stone
tablets. However, guerrilla marketing is a low-cost technique that advertises your product or
business at maximum exposure. All it takes is a little bit of creativity and a day or so pounding
the pavement.
Street marketing is one tact associated with guerrilla marketing. It involves simply going door to
door to hand out brochures or flyers. You can also use ambush marketing to influence potential
customers by distributing mass amounts of marketing paraphernalia. This will guarantee that
your company gets noticed by a mass amount of people in a single area (i.e. a concert or
community event). Once you get these tangible forms of advertisement into the right hands, you
can just sit back and wait for the phone to ring.

2. Networking Events

Going to events is an expert way to advertise off the clock. The sole purpose of a networking
event is to gather entrepreneurs under a single roof. From there, you can socialize and find
connections with other businesses that may find your line of work valuable in conjunction with
their own. Networking events tend to be more laid back, so you won’t need to pitch your
company or its services. It’s an active way to eventually drum up business, as long as you hand
out enough business cards.

3. Company Merchandise

Developing company merchandise is a key asset to further promoting your company. Whether
you’re a florist, travel agent, or plumber, having viable merchandise that promotes your company
can easily help gather new customers. You can order cheap custom t-shirts to wear around the
town, which can unexpectedly entice potential customers to approach you. Car magnets with
your company logo and contact information are also a great way to passively advertise your
company as your drive around town running errands. Or you can simply have custom pens made
and leave them at restaurants. Servers are always in need of pens and they will be unconsciously
promoting your business each time they hand over your pen for a guest to sign their receipt.

4. Social Media

Granted, social media takes a lot of work upfront. But with CRM software such as Hootsuite and
Later, you can preemptively set up your social media posts to automatically publish every single
day. You can do this for up to three platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.
Consistent content is key on social media and with these proactive systems, companies can easily
promote their services or products without having to sign into their social media accounts every

5. Create A Competition

And if you’re looking to add a bit more fun to your work regime, you can always create a
competition via social media. People are all about free things, so if you are willing to give away
a free product or one-time service, this can work incredibly well in your favor. All it costs is the
price of that “prize” and the reach will be astronomical. All you need to do is set up a
competition to give something away for free. In order to enter the competition, customers have to
share or tag a friend on one of your social media posts. That way your company is being seen by
a mass amount of people and all you had to do is create one simple social media post.