10 Fashion Pieces You Need This Fall

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Summer is great for lightweight dresses, and winter is the season to indulge in a new pair of fashionable boots. Fall, however, is the only time of year when all fixtures of the fashion industry are in season at once. It seems to be the time when most women feel the need to replenish their closets with a brand-new wardrobe. And because of this, Fall is when unique fashion pieces become high in demand.

The possibilities for trendy autumn outfits are endless. From chic black ankle boots to daring pencil skirts, there is no better time of year to experiment with your wardrobe. But because there are so many ideas available through internet recommendations, knowing what to pick out for your Fall wardrobe can be intimidating. And that’s putting it mildly.

So to help you save from spending hundreds of dollars on items that don’t really fit your custom persona, here are 10 staple pieces of fashion that you will need this Fall.

1.      Trench Coat

I feel like people tend to tread lightly whenever the term “trench coat” is expressed in fashion. After all, what are they really for?

Trench coats are actually the perfect addition to your Fall wardrobe for many reasons. For one, they act out its sole purpose of keeping you warm. A trench coat is also more forgiving than a small cropped jacket or a bulky sweater. It complements your outfit rather than hiding it, and there is no cap on different trench coat styles. Black, plaid, tan, tweed; trench coats come in a multiplied of styles to suit your fancy… and your outfit.

2. Pencil Skirt

You may be thinking that Fall is too late in the year to be wearing pencil skirts, but it’s actually the prime season. Pencil skirts don’t really fit the mantra of summer or spring styles. And while they work in winter as long as you have some warm stockings underneath, you’ll feel most comfortable wearing pencil skirts in the Fall.

These short, form-fitting skirts work for any occasion. Wear them at work with black tights and heels or tuck your favorite sweater into them with a pair of knee-high boots.

3. Riding Boots

Riding boots became the go-to footwear a few years ago, and thankfully, they still haven’t gone out of style. You don’t have to be outdoors to wear these babies either. Many women have found these boots to fit in nearly any setting— especially in the Fall season. They’re the perfect shoe to slip on when you’re out running errands, going for a couple of beers with the girls, or even at work.

4. Infinity Scarf

No matter where you live, infinity scarves can be the perfect accessory to compliment your Fall wardrobe. If you live in states that don’t get much chill or snow, there are chiffon scarves that won’t make you feel too constricted. Infinity scarves are available for any niche, which means you can find patterns, fabrics, and colors of unlimited proportions.

5. Crochet Sweater

Crochet sweaters are becoming the favored modern material for Fall wear. But now, you don’t have to ask your grandmother to knit you one. Crochet sweaters are becoming the hallmark piece for Fall fashion in stores like Forever 21 and Express. The best colors to wear these in for the Fall season are maroon, mustard yellow, or navy.

6. Turtle Neck

I already know that this one is going to be a source of conflict amongst fashionistas.

Just hear me out! Turtle necks are always a classy fashion piece, especially in the Fall. They can be thin or thick material and they work with jeans, slacks, and pencil skirts. Ariana Grande is the perfect example of someone who makes the chunky turtle neck sweater look amazing.

You don’t have to get those excessive, heavy turtle necks, though. Simple and thin turtle neck blouses are the perfect top to wear for your Fall adventures. I think turtle necks look best in white, black, and forest green, but I’ve still seen people pull off incredible pastel turtle necks during the Fall.

7. Oversized Sweater

Oversized sweaters are the cutest contemporary look. I think they look best tucked into ripped jeans and pencil skirts but, girl, you can wear this cute fall fashion piece however you want!

On Pinterest, I’ve noticed a lot of people get really creative by just wearing these oversized sweaters as dresses and some people even get them custom made (which is honestly my next move). These glorified pullovers are like a hug for the cool Fall nights and they are something you absolutely need to include in your fall wardrobe.

8. Ripped Jeans

Ripped jeans became a staple in early 2000s fashion, and they are quickly making a comeback in 2019. However, instead of over-exaggerated ripped knees and bell-bottom combination, ripped jeans today are a bit more subtle. My favorite pair that I own now are my skinny black jeans that have arbitrary slivers from the thigh to the knee. You can’t even tell there are rips in these jeans unless I move around a lot. They are brilliantly nondescript and work well with oversized sweaters and ankle boots.

9. Ankle Boots

Speaking of! I adore ankle boots and I will wear them in rain or snow. But in the Fall, you can get ankle boots in a variety of colors. While it’s nice to have a staple pair of black ankle boots to go with every outfit, I have been noticing a lot of moss green and maroon ankle boots that are to die for. I even got a pair of gray tweed ankle boots that have a bit of red in them. They go great with my crochet sweater!

10. Plaid Blazer

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And finally, plaid blazers are a great accent piece to have in the office during the Fall. It’s strikingly different from the atypical black blazer, but not a vivacious as a red one. I’m all about plaid during the Fall, but 2019 is the first time I think I’ve ever noticed plaid blazer specifically being a thing. And I highly, highly recommend it!

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